Education + Training
Montana Tech of the University of Montana was established as the Montana State School of Mines in 1895, originally focusing on hardrock underground mining. Today Montana Tech trains mining engineers in all aspects of the industry. In addition to a comprehensive engineering background, the program provides training in the mechanics of geologic materials, blasting, materials handling, mine valuation, ventilation, environmental considerations, and the design and operation of surface and underground mines. Montana Tech has a worldwide reputation for academic excellence, especially in environmental and petroleum engineering and its mineral geology and mining curriculum. Montana Tech creates industry leaders who are respected for their quality of work, the skills they have mastered, and the deep foundation of knowledge gained through education and hands-on experience. Visit to learn more about Montana Tech.

Highlands College
Montana Tech's Highlands College is a small school that enjoys the luxuries of a beautiful setting, fine instructional faculty, and a warm, supportive learning environment., serving the Greater Butte Region through associate degree and certificate programs, continuing education, and customized training. The curriculum is designed to help students enter the workforce immediately, or earn credits that may be transferred to a 4-year degree program. Highlands offers quality education, dedicated faculty and staff, small class sizes, individual attention, student services, and exceptionally affordable tuition.

Public School System
Butte School District No.1 is a public school district operating six elementary schools, one middle school, one high school and one alternative high school. Instructional staff numbers approximately 500 with support staff of about 150. The Butte school district owns and operates its own transportation fleet and operates food service for its students. Like students in communities across the country, Butte students are tested to measure how well they are learning in the 4th, 8th, and 11th grades. Butte public school students consistently score proficient or advanced on these tests based on a national average in all areas. The district also offers the public an adult education program which provides a variety of inexpensive, semester long classes in a broad range of areas including education, recreation and the arts. For more information on the Butte Public School system visit their website:

Private Education
Butte’s Catholic school system offers education opportunities from preschool through grade 12. The system supports an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school. Education is co-educational and open to students of all religious affiliations and ethnic backgrounds.

The school system is accredited by the State of Montana, the Northwest Association of Secondary schools and the National Catholic Education Association. The Butte Central School System also offers an on-site day care facility and operates and after-school care program for young children. For more information on the Butte Central Catholic School System visit their website at:

Butte is also home of the Capstone Christian Academy, an independent Christian school serving children from preschool through grade 12. For more information visit their website:

Primary Sector Workforce Training
The Primary Sector Workforce Training Grant program is a state-funded program that provides grant funds to businesses for training of new full-time and part-time workers. Full-time is defined as a predominantly year round position requiring an average of 35 hours of work each week. Part-time is defined as a predominantly year round position requiring an average of 25 to 34 hours of work each week. The maximum grant award is $5,000 for each new full-time position and $2,500 for each new part-time position.

The Program is administered by the Department of Commerce with the Department Grant Review Committee making the actual grant award decisions. The Committee may award workforce training grants to primary sector businesses that provide education or skills-based training for new employees.

This program is targeted to businesses that can demonstrate that 50 percent of the business’s sales are from outside of Montana or the business is a manufacturing company with 50 percent of its sales from companies that have 50 percent of their sales outside of Montana, and that also meet at least one of the following criteria

  • Is a value-adding business as defined by the Board of Investment
  • Demonstrates a significant positive economic impact to the region and state beyond the job creation involved
  • Is a new business that provides a product or service that is not available in Montana or the region which results in state residents leaving the state to purchase the product or service
  • Provides a service or function that is essential to the locality or the state, or is a for-profit or a nonprofit hospital or medical center.
Applicants must provide $1 of match for every $3 dollars of grant funds.

Trainees must be paid at least the average wage that meets or exceeds the lesser of 170% of Montana’s current minimum wage or the current average weekly wage of the county. The wage can include benefits.. The Department is targeting this workforce training grant program to projects that can demonstrate tangible, measurable results involving employees working in the businesses that are receiving assistance. It is essential that the guidelines be carefully reviewed. It is highly recommended that potential applicants contact the Department directly by calling Nancy Faroni at 406-841-2744.

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